Be willing to open your heart once again to love

Once I began to realize that I made the hole that my heart fell into; that pain so deep I could not breathe was of my own making, I had to take a deep breath and feel the hurt. I had to be willing to talk about that hurt. I had to be willing to open my heart once again to love. To a love that was just for me. Did I fall down? Yes, I did several times. Yet, I never gave up on myself again. I did get mad at myself for falling down.

Guess what ? It was not until I learned that to get mad, to hold anger, to feel bad about my choices was the very thing that held me in the hole, that I finally released the anger. Progress really began once I could see that all things were lessons, that it did not matter how we approached the lesson, because we really learn from the lesson from any angle… for all roads lead us to the same place. It leads us to the truth. The truth about you, the world, the Universe.

The secret is to hold love in your heart. At first I tried having love in my heart for others, to learn patience for others so I would not get upset with them and their actions. That did not work. It was not until I learned with my lessons that I could only do it for one person and that person was me. When I finally got that lesson, I could begin again. This time from the prospective of self-love.

I learned that the lessons and the walk was only for me. When I began to teach and work with my clients in that manner I was left with true insights into what the Universal sense of love was.

Now just the tip mind you… I am only beginning to understand how to love everyone for their struggles to find what I have just begun to understand. How to love for the joy of simple love.

My goodness has my life changed! I have so much love coming back at me.

Well, do you believe this to be true… then I say challenge me. Yes, go ahead what is your question?

Have the most wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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