Be accountable, choose deliberately

When I work with you one of the first things that seems to come up is the understanding of not to blame anyone or anything for where you are sitting. This is probably the first thing that we should tackle. I say this because it is the first and foremost issue that will get in your way to taking back your own power.

You want to begin to see that at every moment you are making choices, whether the choice is about the clothes you wear or what you are going to eat or who you are going to work for. They are all choices and they impact how your life is being lived today at this moment.

Too often in the past you forgot why you  made a choice. So when I begin to work with you and show you that a very simple choice could have and probably is affecting your life strongly today you will be likely to say… “No it does not.” Well, as I said, this was going to be the one place where you will want to struggle the most.

If you can begin to see that I am speaking the truth, you will then begin to see that you simply must be much more aware of what a choice can and will do for you and how it can affect your feelings and emotions about your life.

When you and I first start working together you will spend a lot of your time contemplating choices that you made. Of course you will look at why you made them. Or why you did not make them. Very often the reasons we tell ourselves about why we did not make the best choice for ourselves is the very place where we begin to lose our own power. This is the junction that takes us farther and farther away from our internal truth.

You begin to tell yourself all kinds of reasons why, but you need to simply start telling yourself that you did not like the choice you had to make that had the best interest for you! Yes Dear one, that is the simplest way I can say this. You simply told yourself you could not make the choice.

So how close to the best choice for yourself did you get? Why did you make the choice you finally made? I am asking what it was you told yourself. Be honest. You have to become brutally honest with yourself to make the change. Only in the beginning does it seem the hardest thing to do. As you practice, it gets easier and easier.

Come on talk to me, write me, I will talk back to you ….

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