Balance, why does it hurt someone else?

How do we have our life and center it without hurting someone else? I think this is the most often used question I hear from anyone I am working with.

When I give them the response that is in the truth, generally they do not like what they hear. Can you guess what I am about to say? “I am not working with anyone else. The options that we are speaking about are only for you.” That is right… that is what I say to them. 

I continue to say, “if I was working with the other person right now, I would say the same thing to them.”

There has to come a time within all of our lives that we begin to make choices only for ourselves!

If we truly had Guardians from day one, they would have been showing us how to make our choices; choices that were just for ourselves. Then today we would not even have a need to take someone else’s feelings into consideration.

Now, I am guessing that you think that then no one would want to do anything with you. On the contrary. You would be sought after by everyone that knew you.

They would know when you said something you meant it. They would know exactly where you stand… what you would play with them in and what you would not participate with them in. You would always, at the first mention of something involving choice, know what your feelings were about it.

How? Because you would not have any underlying currents of emotions of sadness, or anger, or frustration getting in the way. There would be no mind chatter about something extraneous to the subject at hand. You would be able to make a decision and make it quickly, without finding out later that it should not have been made. Friends and family would never be a bother or be afraid to ask you for help. They would know when you said yes, that you were willing and able. There would never be any choices made out of feelings of obligation,  “I do not want to, but I will.”

So, as I was stating in the beginning, now you have to make choices that seem contrary to peace, but, you have to get back to square one so that you are now on a course of truth and happiness and eventually that will bring you to peace and tranquility in the very midst of chaos  …. everyone else’s.

Do you believe me? If not, then challenge me. Lets talk about this.

Have a wonderful day and into the Evening Tide.

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