Attachment and mind chatter – united in trying to defeat us?

Okay, so I hear this uproar about detachment. Giving up on family and friends? Doing only for self?, this is against all that you have been taught. Well yes it is, unless you had a Guardian or Guardians who taught you otherwise. Most likely the only thing you have been taught was how to try to control each and every scenario in your world.

Have you been told you are bossy and always think you are right all the time? That you can not be trusted? Or is it the other way around… where you give so much of you and there is not one person that gives to you? Either way it is still out of control because:

You feel no control at all. There is the theory out there… it is called the theory of Reciprosity. In this theory it is simply stated that what was sent out must come back. It is how the entire Universe is set up. So, you must send out energy from yourself. That energy must return to you or you become depleted. So do you feel depleted, unhappy, tired, sick, sad, any of those things or can you fill in the way my thoughts are going?

That is simply your body telling you that you have left out the most important ingredient – you… which brings us back to mind chatter. The moment you start to put you back into the picture you start hearing, from outside as well as within your mind, all the lovely reasons that you should be sharing your very favorite toy. By the way did that favorite toy get broken because you were forced to share it???

If so, did it ever get fixed to the way it was before you were forced to share it????? Do you see where I am going with this idea? You are forcing yourself now to share your very favorite toy. It is getting broken and it will not be able to be the way it was before it was broken. So, I am back to the discipline that it is going to take on your part to stand up and simply detach yourself from your family and friends and all those others in your life. They have been sucking the life out of you. Oh and yes, you are doing it to. Yes, as long as you are attached to someone or something you are also draining that person. Mind Chatter, can you believe this….

Well, if not I say challenge me….. come on you really can…

have a wonderful day and into the evening tide…

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