Asking Enough Questions

truthknowLet’s talk about how harmful it is to you as you are learning to stand in the Universal Truth to let the world come crashing in on you. What am I talking about you are thinking? Or you should be at least.

When you are beginning to take your life back from the chaos of this world there is a time in between where you have not learned how important it is to trust that internal voice or instinct to take the moments that you have that niggle to ask yourself some very important questions. Like what would I do if this happened? Or How do I really feel about doing this with that person? Or Am I losing myself by just letting things happen to me instead of taking the initiative looking at what scares you the most about the scenario that your intuitive energy is bringing to the forefront.

I hope that you are understanding that part of the beauty of the dance we do here is a thing called timing and sequencing. That means there is a perfect time for you in the sequence of the events that are playing out in your life expression. By being aware and listening to your intuitive inner self you will always be prepared and forewarned of any step that needs to be understood and felt by you so you are prepared for the timing of the experience.

So it is important that you look at the decisions that you have made about the change in your life. It is those decisions that you will be having dreams about and those little niggles that come to the surface so that you can be prepared for the experience as it comes to you.

How is that different than letting the world set up and crash upon you the physical experience?

Why is it that sometimes you know exactly what it is you should do, but you simply do not take the steps to accomplish supporting the decision in your life for change? One of the reasons is that you have not taken the time to really ask those deep questions about how the choice of not doing anything at all is the very thing that is destroying your process of building that internal trust in yourself to always follow your heart needs vs listening to the outside world. Those people do mean well, but they are not walking in the internal truth of the divine Universal Truth. If they were they would be supporting the process of questioning until you come to the place where you are inspired to take a physical action step.

That is how you can recognize you have asked enough questions. It is not the first or second question that will show you the way for you to take. It is when you begin to get to those questions that allow you to see for yourself how you feel about the truth of what is going on in your world .

So keep asking yourself questions until your heart is ready to leap and you can not wait to go out and take that step that is going to show you, absolutely, that you are following the Universal Truth. When you do you will see and build an internal confidence that no one, I mean no one, can shake you away from.





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