Ashamed of your choice?

What is it about feeling ashamed about a choice that we have made, that makes us not want to ask for help?

Yes, I am really asking this question to all of you. It is about time that you start asking yourself this very question. Do you really think that there is one person on this planet that has never made a choice that they have felt bad about?

I truly cannot imagine that there is such a person. Can you? Well then, that is what we should talk about. I have written about this subject and I shall continue until we have true Guardians working with each and every one of us.

Guardians are those of us that recognize that one must make choices and feel if the choice was right for us. Then when you show up and have questions about why the choice was not making you feel good, the Guardian can simply walk you through why you made the choice, and what action steps you took through the process of the choice to get you to the end of the physical experience of your choice or, as it is called, your feedback.

The simple job of a Guardian is not to share their opinions or force you to make a choice their way. They are the kind of people that understand that the greatest choice there is, is the one you know you are making in truth just for yourself and not because someone else says you should.

It is very important to share with love for yourself, to get used to why you would not make the choice a second time, or why you would make the choice again. It is really very simple. It is not about breaking laws of our land, it is about learning to understand about your feelings and emotions. About how you have begun to blame everyone and everything outside of yourselves instead of coming to the understanding that you, yourself, are in charge of how you feel each and every moment.

The way you take back your power of choice in your own life is to begin to practice how to make choices in your very own life.

Yes you can, at any age, simply and quietly make choices for yourself. I know this might sound very simplistic but the truth is once you see that the choices we make and how they feel is where the power is.

You have to stop being afraid to talk about how it felt when you made your choice and how it played out. So that you now can make a choice for one reason only. That reason is because you feel at peace within yourself for making it.

Call me, let’s talk, or write to me I am here. I will be happy to answer you even if you do not agree with me…

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