Are your very words working against you?

words-matter-logoI would like to talk to those of you that have tried ‘positive thinking’ your way into having your creations. Have you had success each and every time? No? Well there is a reason for that. Yes, you are not feeling the same positive that you are trying to think.

Now, you are probably getting very frustrated with the positive thinking ideas. Well you must start to see that somewhere along the line you are not as positive of a thinker as your words may sound.

I have found that if and when you really listen to a conversation that you are having about someone that is frustrating the heck out of you, you will find you are talking about yourself. How does that really make you feel? It should surprise you greatly. Yet you now have a power to break down and let go of ideas and opinions that are really holding you back from truly accepting who and what you desire to become and the life you desire to express here.

As you journal, you are writing about those things you desire to begin to experience, as well as expressing the feelings and emotions that you are having about your day to day expression. So now listen to the way you say you feel and what you are writing in your journal. You will begin to see that there is a separation in the thoughts that you are having internally about your everyday expression and how you are having the physical expression.

This will help you start to see how you can take your power back by making different choices about how you feel about things. You will begin to hear those first thoughts in the morning as you wake up and as you go to sleep. Are they about you and your happiness? Or are they about someone or something that is upsetting you in your everyday physical world?

If they are about your happiness then you know you are not leaking your energy in a way that is neutralizing your creations of change and continuous love . Yes, that is one of the ways you neutralize your creations. Take some serious time with this information. Go about your day and with conscious thought, see how many times  your thoughts take you away from the very positive vibration that you need in order to change your world.

I took a small notepad along with me and started to just make hash marks of every time my thoughts took me away from my intended creations… Oh my goodness, you would not believe how many times we walk away from the very things we desire with our words. For instance, I was thinking of the phrase, “slow but sure”. Why do you want to be slow at getting the very changes that will bring you true happiness? Or words we say that really mean less rather than more.

What are the little sayings that you say and how often during the day do you think them or say them out loud to others? This is the very process that tears away at your new creations that you are desiring with all of your heart to change. Become aware that it is you and only you that is having your creations pushed out.

One of the biggies that I hear is when someone gives me a date in the future for an action step that they could do right now. Like stop reading this and go do what it is you just put the date on. Why? Because you have just neutralized a part of your future creation with a thought that does not support your taking actions to support your decision to follow your heart and bring true and lasting happiness into your physical life.

Start this new process and combine your journal and your thoughts to see how much you learn about the true internal workings of your positive and negative thinking.




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