Are Your Thoughts Supporting the New You?

coneflower_framedWhen you are looking at the things in your life that you want to make a change to, begin by asking yourself when you first walked away from your dreams. Each of you have a place where you had dreams of what you knew you wanted to experience while you were here. You must begin by asking yourself what, in your deepest part of your heart, did you know was going to be the one factor that would get in your way.

Through the years as I have been working with people who at first, do not remember when they made the choice to walk away from their dreams. When you look back you can see when things got in the way, but it is not until you, yourself begin to admit that it was a choice that you made on a conscious level that changed the course of your life. I have heard many reasons but mostly, when people really look at their past choices, it was because they did not feel that they could do it on their own. So they made a choice to accept second best.

Oh my! Now what if you are personally second best for someone else? That doesn’t feel so good does it? Yet, really look at your life… are you happy? If not, then begin to understand neither are those people who are most intimate in your life. They can not possibly be because your feelings and your thoughts are the creative force in your life. So if your heart is not light and in joy then you are not sharing love and joy with those around you. It does not matter how much love you are trying to say you are giving to others. If you do not feel it within you, then the overflow, which is what others feel from you, is exactly what you are feeling about you.

So now look back and begin to take stock of your choices and why you made them. Did you make them for you ? That is where you have to start today. Look at where you are at . What is the first step that you can begin to take that will allow you to stand in the truth of your choices. That yes, it was you that made the choices, and so now to make choices that will support your heart and your dreams. It is never to late to take stock of who and what your heart says you are vs where your thoughts tell you you are.

Begin today with your first thoughts of the day. Are they supporting the new you? The one that makes conscious choices that support the love of your heart and soul or are you continuing with the thought processes that have lead you to where you woke up and found your unhappy self?

Go on… take the plunge and be that god-being who will begin the steps to change your life and live the way you always knew you were meant to live





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