Are you seeing the importance of filling your need first?

takecareofselfHere is a question that each of you need to ask of yourself when you come to a place where you are seeing changes to a small degree. Are you seeing the importance of filling your need first?

You know within your heart that it is your thoughts that directly affect how your world is going to look and feel, yet you still seem to catch things after the experience. You have no problem at all recognizing the steps and choices that got you the experience. Yet your frustration is growing because you are wise enough to see just how much it is all you and that it has always been you and the way you look at your life and then feel about the way your life is headed.

So now that you know this is about yourself, and you’re learning how to incorporate this self awareness so that you begin to understand why you must only look at your needs first, it is so important that you stand in the combined knowing that you learn to always fill your needs first. Do not put the other persons needs ahead of yours. You must begin to see and learn that the moment you put your needs up first you are happy, your heart begins to open up to the love that you have always had in your heart. When you begin to loosen the hold you have on your heart you will begin to see that if things are still missing the mark it is because you have simply not asked yourself the question: “Why do I feel that the people in my life will not understand why I have to come first?” You may be still having those people in your life that have expectations because you are still sitting on the fence about you.

Yes I know this is really hard to believe as you are reading these words. Yet so many of you have found yourself caught up in doing for those people in your life to the point of no return. How can a smart person like you get so lost into thinking if you just make everyone around you happy then you will be happy. Well try looking at it through the reflective mirror effect –  If you seem happy and the world only sees you as easy going and happy, you would then think you are happy. Yet you know better don’t you? What you are feeling and experiencing is simply a result of that undercurrent that you do not share with anyone and most likely not even yourself. So many people have this mind set that if you do not look at it, it is not really a part of you. That thinking is backwards because no matter whether you think you are feeling that undercurrent or not, your little self, that part of you, is truly always feeling it and so the best thing you can do to really change where you are and the way you are experiencing your life is to put the light on each and everything you least like about who you are and how you have your thoughts. It is there you should be asking your questions. Always and each and every time.





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