Are You Ready?

are-you-readyAs you continue to look at all the tools you can use as you evaluate before you have a physical experience, you are actually preparing ahead of time. How many times, as you are beginning to take control of your life, have you wanted to kick that spirit pillow? As you asked yourself, “Why am I always seeing later what I could have done before hand?”

Well the truth is, if you begin to look at what your thoughts are bringing to the forefront, you will always be prepared for any part of chaos that might come at you. Why and how can I say this? I can say this because with each thought that comes to the forefront I look at it and I ask myself a question and then wait until the answer comes to me. Then I ask a question about how I feel about the answer and continue on until I come to a place in my question and answer session where I know, without a doubt, I can take the action step that feels the very best to me.

As I teach this process to my clients and students and they begin to realize the results of knowing their hearts before something happens to them, they as well begin to see that even though many things good and bad come at them, they are much more aware of where they sit on the issue. So making choices on the spot becomes so very simple because you already know your heart! You have previously taken the time as the thought pertaining to your choice of this moment came to you .

By being prepared about how you feel about anything because you took the time to look at your thoughts, you are sitting in a perfect position to know your heart, your true feelings, about what you are being asked to do. The practice will come in how you decide to support your heart. By making choice to do things you do not want to do, as well as the things you love to do. Making choices on both sides are each beneficial, you are honing in back to the heart of when you were a small child. So do not get frustrated when you think that you are not moving forward. If you are aware of what you would call a ‘mess up’ then you are conscious and that is a most wonderful place to be.

Think of how long it has taken for you to start this walk back to your true heart. To be able to feel that wonderful heart and know this is what I am going to do. You have made choices for a very long time out of guilt and obligation to others, and so yes… it is going to take practice… and as in all things, you are not giving yourself love and empathy if you do not recognize that it will take time to get you back to the real heart, the real you. So with each “oops”, know that you are gaining in knowledge and the physical walk forward to the learning of your heart of hearts is the way back to your Universal Wisdom .





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