Are you deflecting the very information that can change your life?

deflectAs class was continuing last night one of the things that we were working more on was how to recognize when each of you begin to deflect from the very information that you have been thinking about. What do I mean by that? Why would anyone walk away from the information that can change their life? Yet, you are doing so each and every day. You are walking away from opportunities that could change the very way you breathe.

I know that if you were aware of how easily you fool yourself into thinking that you are a person that takes life by the nape of the neck and you want the truth. You know that by positive criticism you can really change into that positive life that you desire. Yet when information comes to you, you simply want to look at the delivery of the information and not the information itself.

You want to say things like, “If that person would just change”, but it is you that is asking for the change. Try to remember that any time, any place, can be the moment that the information that you have been asking for is being given. When a question that seems adversarily delivered comes your way you want to defend yourself. That is where you are missing some wonderful information. Do not focus on the person or the physical experience that is presenting the question, focus on the information. Whenever you say things like, “I do not know”, or when you answer the question with a question, you are actually deflecting from the answer that will be yours if you simply allow yourself to answer that question that is making you feel so uncomfortable. Then when you answer that question, do so with the deepest sincerity for the information because this is a deep spiritual awakening for you.

Ask another question but ask the question on the answer you just gave. When you begin to ask a question off the answer that you just gave yourself, even if you are talking with someone else, you will begin to see how to get to the core of the matter in any situation in your life. That is how it is done. You keep asking the questions off of your answers until you have that light bulb moment that says, ” Oh my god, I can do this !”

The most glorious thing about this simple but never used tool is that you know more about yourself and the very reasons that you created the learned behaviours that are now the very thing that is sabotaging you with each choice you make. It will be the hows, whens, and whys of you making choices that support the other guy and not your deep and internal needs.

So begin to practice on how to answer each question that is presented to you with the sincerity of a prayer, because that is exactly what it is. It is the door opening to your internal thoughts. It will show you that you wrote a story and that story you have been calling the reason that your life is so unhappy today.





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