Are You at the 50% Mark?

50percentThere are times in each of our lives when no matter what we try to do it all seems to fall away from us. We look internally and see that we just want to lay down today and say enough is enough.

Yes my sweet friend, we have all been there. I am going to say to you do not give up. Know that you are sitting at a point where the old you and the budding new you are at a 50 percent mark. This is where you do not want to look at the fact that things do not seem to be going your way. You need to look at Wow, I have hit a 50 percent mark and I only need one more little lift and I shall have a new life, the life that my heart says is for me to have, enjoy, and love.

As you take charge of your moods you will see that there are a few things you do have to decide you are going to do for yourself. That is to take care of your personal needs. You have to let go of the concept that anyone or anything else is what is making your life the way it is.

You have been telling yourself many stories my sweet one, many stories that have allowed you to look outside of yourself for not making the one choice that will really set you free and on the path to wonderment about what you are capable of doing just for your self.

I do not advocate being alone. That is not the nature of our beings on this plane. We have come here purposefully to touch, to hold, to feel, and we should to the fullest. Yet you must always keep in mind that it is your thoughts, your mind, that is keeping you in the loop of the life experience you are having.

Look deeply into your heart and ask where have you given up your choices to support your decision to become the most wonderful you? When did you say,” I want to do it the easiest way possible”? By saying this to yourself have you taken into consideration the choices that you made along the way to give up on yourself? Because there is a lack of energy right in those places where you made the choice to not make waves. Inertia is the lack of movement… it is counter to the way the Universe moves. So you are spending so much energy to keep you in a holding pattern so that nothing changes around you. You are calling this being in control of your environment.

Now you will have to really make a commitment to move forward, and that, my Sweet one, is going to take a lot of concentrated energy on your part to move past the mind set and concepts that tell you to not make waves to have peace in your world is worth all the chaos and heartbreak you are now experiencing. Some times my Sweet one you have to pick up that banner, the sword of truth so to speak, and stand up just for the truth of the YOU. When you have the courage to do this for yourself no matter what your mind is telling you it looks like to the rest of the world, you will see that you have just broken that tape that allows you to see that to fill your need for happiness and change you must rely on yourself to run the race.

I so love you today …… stand up for the change that will bring your internal heart peace and love.






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