Are you adding weight to your woes?

paralyzed by fearSo as you learn that true communication is the words that you use to learn the ” Whys” the “What’s” the ” When’s”… the Who you should always know is yourself. This is the true communication with self. You are asking yourself questions about why you feel the way you do about the one thing that is bothering you at this moment.

You begin by questioning yourself about the feeling or emotion that is bothering you the most. So when you want to say, “Well, if _________ would just change I would feel so much better about myself.” that is not where you need to go at all. No, you must always remember that you have chosen to have an experience to gain an understanding. In your thoughts and contemplation’s you have asked for change. The Universe is then matching you with the perfect mathematical equation to play out your change. The problem is you look at the face that the Universe provided for you and you want to give up your power of being in charge of your life by saying, ‘but if that person would only do this, or if they would be the kind of person I need them to be…’

You are not only losing sight of the fact that once again, any experience you have has come from the Internal Core of your Being, and so you give up you birthright of being the true god source of self. You give up listening to your own internal voice, you are giving up on the power of change for you.

Do not look outward for the change. What is happening to you is always a culmination of feelings and emotions that you have been sitting in for sometime before you begin to see the manifestation of the experience in your physical world. So this is where you must begin to question yourself about why you are feeling these emotions about the experience rather than fixate on the person who was being the wonderful god being that said they would help you learn this piece about yourself.

I know that you would then want to question me about why you would desire to have a bad experience if in truth you were the one in charge of the physical experience. I know because when I began to allow myself my power back I asked the same questions. This is what I have come to so I shall share.

All experiences have a degree of weight to them. The amount of heaviness to any and all physical experiences have a direct correlation to how quickly, once you have asked for the change in your life. you start taking the action steps that take you to the new course of action you are asking for.

So let’s say you have been in a relationship that has not made you happy for a long time, and you have been for a very long time wanting to have a different kind of relationship and have for a long time said to yourself ‘I need a change’ but you do not take the action steps to find the change that is the best for you, you are adding an atomic weight to the course of actions you need to take. You feel that pull more and more like a snow ball that is being pushed in the snow around it. It gets larger and as it gets larger it gets heavier. That is the very thing that happens to vibrations you are playing in that no longer match the vibrations you want to play in. Hence you begin to draw experiences that will call for you to make drastic action steps. Why wait for the drastic to happen when you can begin setting yourself free today?!



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