Are we walking with no concern for others?

We make agreements, we set up parameters. So you find yourself in a spot where no one around you sees the need for the original boundaries and parameters.

You have already taken the time to re-establish them. Then as soon as you stop participation with the parameter it goes right back to non-compliance.

What would you do? What makes one individual more aware of the parameter than others? Why would you be told that to stand in the true parameter is not the neighborly way?

Whenever I start something new, I like to find out just how to play the game. Not short cuts, or the easy way. Just the way that gets you to your goal. A goal that I can be proud to say I participated with the whole.

So, what do you do if you find yourself in a game that was established before you came in. Yet, rules and regulations even documents were created to play in this game.

So, everything is spelled out for everyone that later comes into the game. Yet, when those rules and regulations are brought back out into the light even the beginning game players do not want to play that way. What are you as an individual to do?

Let us add something else to the mix . What if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars added to this mix?

Would that change how you play this game?

This is the game called life.

This is called buying houses and living… yet are we aware of how our compliance can cause a terrible problem to those all around us?

What if there are more people who are determined to ignore the rules and regulations? How does all this work into being a spiritually oriented person; a person in balance and harmony. What do we do then?

These are questions that I have always asked myself about living to the fullest and not giving up. Yet, when you look around you see people making their choices and they seem to be determined to undermine everything you stand for. My answer is a deep love and understanding for not only yourself, but for understanding that as you are becoming balanced within yourself you are going to start seeing the effects of your choices at being non compliant.

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