Anti-war OR Pro-peace

What does sitting in the truth mean?

I have just recently listened to a group of very well meaning people. The all have a good heart, and in their words help anyone in need of help. Yet at the same time they are groaning about this that is wrong in their world and that they do not like who is in charge. Because this is also a Presidential election year they were discussing the uselessness of the process.

So, as they settled down a little, I asked them if they understood the difference between being Anti-war and Pro-peace. Any time you are sitting in an energy, vibration, or thought about the woes of the world, no matter how little or large a scale we are talking about, whether it is about one person or a group… you are sitting in Anti-war, which does bring about dis-harmony. Can you tell me why?

I asked them if there was anything they could do about the situation. They said, no. I said back to them… “You could send white light out to the situation at hand, whether it was congress or the middle east, or even an issue at work with a co-worker.”

The answer the above question, if you have not guessed yet, is when you are in struggle about something… no matter the issue… and you say you are at peace with the fact that it does not or can not change, you still have conflict about the issue in your heart.

So send white light. It is the highest form of clear energy. But if you are surrounding yourself or others with the energy to see and hear their god calling with this white light energy, while holding conflict in your heart… do you see where this is going? You are actually sending out conflict. Not the divine white light energy you are claiming. The energy has to go through your filter system, meaning your body. Any conflict in there means you’re sending out pure conflict.

So when you are in struggle about anything, first cleanse yourself, your thoughts, mind, and body. Bring peace to your mind, let the pure love of the Universe fill your heart. Ask, with purity for what ever change you need, for self, for congress, for anything. Only ask it to be done according to the Divine Universes energy. For how many of us even stand in the truth about what is the best thing for ourselves?

Do you really believe you do? You see, you are really living your life in Anti-war not Pro-peace… Or you would always fill your own needs first, love thy self first, know yourself first. Then when you asked for the Divine white light to help any situation you would be sending it from the Pro-peace perspective, for you have to have pureness of heart and mind when you ask for the Universe to supply something for anyone other than yourself. Which simply means you have to be neutral about whatever the outcome may be.

Do you sit in Anti-war or Pro-peace?

Have the most glorious day, today.

Delrae J Bantz


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