Another process of you taking charge of your life

master-your-mindRecently one of my students was sharing that they were not having the greatest success because they were still not being prepared for a scenario that would happen. As I listened to them I asked a simple question, “Where do you start the evaluation process before a life experience begins?” That question led us to spend most of the evening talking about the importance of understanding and using the evaluation process… and to learn the wonder of sharing. I am not talking about the surface things you do like going to the grocery store. I am talking about those passing thoughts that come to you, whether it is a thought that brings pain to your heart, like when you’ve had a thought someone you loved is going home to the 5th dimension, or that there is a big change coming in your life.

I shared with the class that there is a sequence that each of the creations you are experiencing goes through to have it come spot on for you. When you hold your feeling for your need within in your heart and you are now taking charge because you have been studying and you are aware that this has always been within your own reach all along. I talked to my students about how when they hold a feeling of their need in their heart, there are going to be thoughts that come to you so that you can look at the undercurrents that may be holding your creation from coming to its maximum expression for you .

The heart is the part of the body that is connected to your High Self, the High Self is the part of the triune god that resides within each of you. It is the part of your soul that stays close to you as you experience your life expression here in this dimension. It will send the feeling you are having in your heart to the brain, the brain then takes that vibration of your heart and it changes it or decodes it for you so you can then see undercurrents or beliefs and or opinions that you are holding that are in direct conflict with the heart need you are holding. Now so often you will just shove it away, because you are busy or you are sitting in stress or simply you do not realize these random thoughts are not really random, but remember it is for you always to address those thoughts. The more you really share with yourself that you are having these thoughts the better so you can start evaluating why these thoughts are coming to you at this particular time.

Again it is another process of you taking charge of your life. This is your direct link to the reason your creations seem to fall away from you almost before they form and you get to experience them. So learn to share with yourself and learn how important thoughts are, how they connect directly to the desires and dreams you desire to express in your life.





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