Allowing Joy to Flow More Fully

cup-runneth-overThis walk for truth will take you higher, higher than you have ever felt. Yes, the joy will swell in your heart, you will feel like walking on water, or skipping down the sidewalk. Yes, it takes you higher than you have ever been able to feel by pretending that you are a lonely person all alone on this planet called Earth.

How do I know this? I have been you. I felt sad. I wondered why I was the only one who feels so sad, why I could not connect with the truth of the Universe.

This is not about a certain religion, this is not about a certain philosophy that you have to adopt to be in the ‘in’ crowd. No one will even know that you have decided to change your thoughts and your ideas about you, except you of course.

Yet you will wake up in the morning and you will smile for no reason at all, except that you are here and you get to have experiences of true wonder and joy in the learning about the next level of you.

Yes, as long as we are here living and sharing our experiences we are learning what it is to feel.  Any kind of feelings you desire to have.

You will see how you get to choose in each and every moment… you choose to smile today, you choose to let your thoughts go over past choices, you will choose to have them make you sad or you will choose to see where you can now choose differently and in choosing differently you smile. You walk with a lift in your step as you are so excited about where that next step is going to take you.

What wonderful experience are you going to have now? You will learn to expand that wonderful feeling to even greater wonderful’s. All because you have learned how to walk in the truth and the simpleness about what it is really supposed to be about.

There is no one that can take knowledge away from you. As you begin to put your new knowledge into practice you walk in the joy of Wisdom. Simply for choosing for yourself, you gain the wisdom of knowing you have total and free choice about how you are feeling.

It is that simple. The understanding that you are the most important person in your life. You have told yourself in the past that it is another person that has that place in your heart, yet isn’t it wonderful that through your walk of Self understanding you have found that you can actually love others to a greater depth just for who they are, by simply loving yourself first.

To always have your well-being be the first thing you think about before you make any choices that might seem to have someone else’s goals in mind, is the true path to authentic relationships.

As you walk each and everyday with only your well-being in mind, as you experience YOU being the first person in your thoughts each morning, you will start to notice you allow joy to flow more fully. Your heart will swell even greater than you have known before… and all around you will benefit from the overflow that results from that expansion. Give it a try, who is going to know but YOU!!!!!

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