Allowing happiness into your heart

happiness-heart-sunsetSo today is the first day of the rest of your life. You woke up and you said to yourself, “I need to change!” Did you really know what your were asking for? Did you know what that change was going to look like? Are you now trying to control the form and physical experience that change is taking for you?

Trying to control is not the same thing as being in charge. Control is when you want to tell the Universe exactly how the change is going to look, taste, and feel, to have your life be better.  Charge is when you see that changes are happening and that you are feeling better so you take the time to evaluate the changes in your life without judging the changes in your life.

When you evaluate your changes you are looking at the choices you made to get where you are at. You are looking at the truth about why you made the choices you did. Now this is where it can get a little sticky because you are going to want to put blame somewhere. Some of you put blame on others. Some of you put blame on yourself. Putting blame anywhere is detrimental no matter where you put it. It is beside the point. You have already made that choice, you have already experienced what the choice brought for you to express. So this is where you get to learn Universal love. Yes, Universal love for you first and foremost because you, of course, made the choice to continue making the choice to experience the life experience over and over to the point where you woke up and declared I need change.

Your power lies in the fact that you can recognize you made the choices and you are now making a different choice today. So get over the choice you are done having and give yourself the love and understanding that is going to support your walk forward into allowing happiness to be in your heart and then in your physical expression.

The words on this page are simple. It is a little harder to remind yourself when you are feeling the un-ease of old choices as you catch yourself wanting to make them again even after you have come to the consciousness that they no longer serve you. You have to learn to love yourself enough to not fall totally backwards but to hug yourself, so to speak, and begin to speak the truth from your heart. Being in charge, not being in control.

Speaking from being in charge you will speak about how hard it may be to let go of the old lifestyle but that you recognize that you are not happy there and so even though you slip, your conscious goal is to always move forward for the new and in love you.






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