Allowed to challenge ourselves

When I first found information of the nature that we do not die, that we are on a cycle of creations from different planes, that gave me peace. I had to walk a long time and experience many different concepts and ideas before I could come to a place where I could stand up for my peace of mind.

We must learn that we will find physical proof for whatever we believe in. That is exactly how this plane was created to function.

We have the abilities, all of us, to create any and every thing that we need to have for a physical experience to the fullest.

So, if your desire is to prove that we are the only beings in this Universe, all your experiences will give you a solid foundation for that thought. That is the beauty of how this plane was created. So that we who are used to sitting in a feeling and having it poof and be there for us could not truly experience what we are learning in the All, if we did not have a similar set up on this plane.

The only way you can truly prove to yourselves that the words that I have written have an solid form, is if you are willing to put your beliefs to the test.

As I ask each of my students, You must be willing to put your beliefs in a beautiful box, and place it on a shelf for at least six months. Then you must, with your eyes open, bring in new feelings and then begin to question and explore the kind of physical experiences you are having.

In this new exploration you will fall back into some old patterns and beliefs. That is inevitable. You have had them for your lifetime up ’til now. It is my job to help you learn to question as a guardian of self so that you can begin to learn how to use the Universal Truths to your advantage not your detriment.

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