Admit the truth to release the past

I know that one of the hardest things, when telling yourself the truth today about your choices, is that you have to start admitting that you did not make good choices for yourself in the past.

You do want to remind yourself that you would not be looking at the issue of your choices if you were really happy. So you want to continually remind yourself that you were in charge of the choices you made in the past, which is why you are looking at them today. Your desire is about being happy at all costs. Isn’t It?

When looking at the past it is very easy for you to get lost in a sadness about why you did not make the best choice. Or you get lost in harsh judgments, like thinking how stupid you were. Yes, you must look at those choices honestly, simply so you can see the patterns you are in and how to change the way you think and emote about things. That way when you make your new choices you can feel the certainty of why you are making them today.

This is where your new power lies. Having the knowledge that you are standing in the truth about why you are making your choices. Sometimes you are going to continue to make choices that may not be the 100% best choice just for you. You, of course, get to make any and all choices but, when you get really down about your life you have to pull up your boot straps and remind yourself of the reasons you had when making the original choice.

Again the power is in that you can always begin right now to make choices just for you. So look at how you make your choices… are you strong in that internal integrity where your true God voice resides? It is from that place that you need to make your choices. You can never go wrong if you start right there.

That is where the practice and the dedication to yourself comes… in looking inward at choices of the past so you can make new choices for yourself in the present. The true choice is yours. Not someone elses. They do not have to live with the internal feelings that you have. Remember you are the sole initiator of your life as you experience in each and every now.

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