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Hello, I’m Delrae J. Bantz D.D., the owner and innovator of the LIFE LEARNING CENTER OF SELF!

I am a certified Doctor of Divinity working with the understanding that all are of the same Universe. I believes that each individual has the privilege and responsibility to determine what is right for him/her – as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. The Life Learning Center of Self is a non-denominational organization.

I promise I will not stand between you and your God, whatever you conceive him to be. I am an active advocate of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

As a Life Strategist and Intuitive Counselor I have the ability to open up an understanding of life’s purpose in everyone. I’m also a long term Recovery and Managing facilitator.

Let me guide you toward experiencing the intuition, love and wisdom that is in ALL on a moment to moment basis each and every day.

Some have said my insights and understandings are what make me one of the most sought after life strategists. The ability to transfer life changing information for all to understand and act upon is what makes me a success. In other words, your success is my success.

There are ways of identifying and clarifying blocks that prevent us from achieving our specific goals both personally and professionally. Looking at your impact in the world, I will guide you through gaining insights to the path you wish to walk. I do this by supplying you with tools and methods that work. Each person’s progress depends on their ability to take the tools and integrate them into their daily lives. This allows each individual a clear understanding of their inner connection to themselves.

In my seventeen+ years in the field I have had life altering experiences. After five years the concept of the Life Learning Center of Self was born. Life Learning Center of Self educates both the body and mind, bringing enlightenment and love of self as the primary focus. All services performed will encompass my energy and personal guidance to all individuals who come and work with me. I would love to hear your thoughts on all things. Please join the conversation here on my blog.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Miss Delrae
    Thank you for you post on detachment.
    Most times I get it, but at times I don’t, and get hurt along the way.
    I get by, not exactly happy, but seeking to be filled with peace.
    I will be reading on….
    Have a nice day!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, I hope that any time you have a question that you post it. I will be happy to answer them . I am glad you liked what I have written . Have a glorious day Zenni

    • of course I am moving back into the Wisconsin area the first of November, my office number is 1-715-472-4430 , they are there Monday – Thursdays 9-5, I am so glad Stephanie that I can help you . Is there a question that you have that I can at least share with you to help you till we can get together personally ?

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