A Winter Solstice to Welcome the NEW Energy

wintersolstice2012-San_Francisco_Sentinel-imageAs we move into the energies of 12/20/12 we should become aware that many light workers on this earth plane as well as the 5th dimension have been working for peace and truth to reside with us on this glorious Earth. The 12 golden gates have been opened on 12/12/12 and the results of this shall be felt as those of us that work in the light finish our work on the day of winter solstice. That is December 20th, 2012 @ 11:30 pm, that is 6 hours ahead of the time designated this year to celebrate as winter solstice.

Many things will be happening to our world as we move into this new golden age. It will be the fourth one of it’s kind that has been experienced here on this planet. This time we shall have all manner of wonders come to the surface. Our lives will change very quickly into the wonders as though they have been a part of us always.

Illness will fade to the distant past as our history of the wild west. Science will reach far beyond what the imagination of an average person could ever dream about. Some of the changes will be with our Sun and our Solar System. Some of these changes will be heralded by doomsayers.

I am sharing with you to remind you to look inside of yourself as the Earth changes begin. Do not fear the ending times. We have already walked them. We are walking into the new beginning. Yes, you heard me… all those ending times that all those religious books talk about coming and we shall not know when, well thank goodness because we walked through them, not always flawlessly but we have walked through them. We as a collective whole made it!

As a collective whole there is good as well as a balance of ‘evil’, as some like to call it. The truth of this Universe is like we know the ying and yang of it. We must have a balance of learning energy to gain any wisdom in the sequencing of our choices. Without falling down and scraping our knees how would we learn to walk or ride a bike?  Yet there was pain in our choice of learning to walk, the walking is a necessary advancement or our muscles will stop growing. We will then lose the ability to walk .

Fear is the greatest adversary to standing in the truth, yet we want to harbor hate for those who act out their fears for all of us to see. Why? Instead send out love, without any kind of judgement, just sending out that the love can be used to uplift and teach to the highest of all levels available to our consciousness.

So as the glories of what used to be our future and it is now our present, follow your heart with joy as the new and wondrous things come into our lives. Most of the things that shall happen we have already known about but, a few have said ‘no, it is lies’. Believe in your heart for it guides you to your birth energy. When you feel the question, “should I go against what the norm is?” you must follow the heart feeling. It is directing you to get back on your course. The course of your life energy.

I send out the purest love for all of you. Go with peace in your hearts for the future is now ours and a glorious future it is.
Delrae J Bantz

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