A Universal law regarding “Free will”

As I write this blog post I am going to write under the premise that you understand that we are always, in our every moment experiences, in a lesson plan that we choose just for ourselves. Under that premise I am going to begin by working with this question…

Why do we fight so hard to not recognize the lesson that what we are experiencing is about us, for us, to us, by ourselves?

In my classes, in my private sessions and my small groups, once we get everyone to see and feel what this question is really asking of them, they begin to acknowledge that yes… they have not looked at their life experiences as a lesson plan for themselves.

They do come to at least a verbal knowing. “You mean if I paid a little closer attention to what was going on, I would be learning to walk in the truth??” Quietly I just nod my head and say yes, that is it in a nutshell.

They so often have a stunned expression on their faces when this finally sinks in to where they see for the first time how differently they would have lived their lives, had they understood the truth about life lessons from the beginning.

I get so many questions asking why this is not taught to us. I simply answer that at anytime, if you would have talked to “God,” as a guardian, a teacher instead of some Being who does not understand what it is to be human, you would have had your Elders guiding you, (which, by the way, each and everyone of us have. We know them , we choose them before our births.)

They would have immediately stepped in and began showing you how you can do it, how you can understand the lessons and begin to direct your life in the Universal sense.

You see there is a Universal law regarding “Free will” — it means you get to pretend you are not a divine being. It means the Elders you chose to work with you while you were pretending not to be of the Divine force, could not help unless you ask them, which means you are giving up your free will to pretend you are not part of the God force.

Did you read that last paragraph? Follow your heart, pray on those words, some of you will let go of your free will to stop pretending that you are not of the Divine. Some of you will stop reading my words all together. That choice is yours to make, but, once again to have love and happiness with you directing, you will have to come back to the fact that you have the choice and always had the choice to believe you were nothing .

I choose to walk with the Divine God energy in my life in the truth. I work with my Elders, and those in the 5th dimension that are there to always help me in my understandings of the Truth.

Have a glorious day today.

Delrae J Bantz

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