A True Understanding of Giving

lovemeWhy do you walk for just yourself and not others? When I speak to people in the New Age arena, I am always hearing that they want to help others. I ask them Why? They look at me as though I was crazy.

What kind of fulfillment are you getting when your heart is always sad, because the very thing that you are sharing with others you need for yourself. The true understanding of giving is not what you have been taught. Forcing children to share with others even if they do not have enough to share with just themselves does not teach true giving. That is crazy!

Just think about it, we are being bombarded into thinking that if we share we will be saving the hungry and the poor. Yet, you are hungry, scared and poor as well. You are being made to feel that the only way you can feel good is by giving all you have to someone else, whether it is an organization, group or just one person.

Come on… tell the truth, do you not feel stressed about how you are going to pay all your bills? How often do you go without for yourself because of someone else’s needs? If you only had you to care for how would you take care of yourself? Would it be different than what you are doing now?

If you were honest you probably answered with ‘Yes’… then you see I have made my point. You must learn to think in that manner now, even though you have a family, children, etc., because the simple truth is, if you are not happy you are fooling yourself if you think you are helping anyone else. Because no matter what you do or for how long you do it, it is going to be tainted with the under lining emotion of sadness that you feel.

You are not giving the best of you to your friends or family or organization or job. You are not. No matter what you try to tell me or yourself. You must fill your needs first so that you can fill your heart with the truest form of love, the love of self. As that love grows within you, you begin to see how you can meet your own needs without the help of anyone else.

You begin to feel strong and free to only and always make your choice first and foremost for yourself. It is that feeling that you stand in. Then when you interact with anyone else they feel that love you have for yourself… it oozes out from every pore and can be touched even though you know it is your love for you. You simply cannot help walking and talking love to everyone.
That is how they benefit from your attention and love, it is because you recognize that you are only participating because it is how you love yourself. You do not have to tell them anything except what a wonderful time you are having… all because you are loving yourself.. it works each and every time. Begin the walk for Self and find out how Necessary it is to find the true source of love, then share it with you!

Delrae J Bantz

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