A Soul On the Line

line-in-the-sandSo as I was sharing earlier, when you feel numb and simply do not see the glory of the world around you, what you are really feeling is the separation from your true god source. Scary? Well it should be. You are at a crossroads. Will you be making the choice of getting back into the connection and the path you chose before you were born?

I shall share again and again the importance of taking each and every step you take as taking them with the consciousness of this very now. That each choice you make will either keep you strong and build that strength of knowing and loving that divine god within or you will simply be severing the tie and you will begin the process you call aging.

So the first step is to go back into your past and go to the most painful experience you have. Really put some time into this experience. Go back to the moments before, the thoughts you were having about the choice you were about to make. Yes you can do this, and you can remember why you decided upon the choice you made.

You will then see that choice was the very thing that led you into the most painful experience of your life. Now bring together that choice and the fact that you were conscious and focused when you made the choice because it was easy not because it was the right choice for you.

How often are you still making that very same choice? This is the point in your life you will have to use the kind of discipline that athletes need when every muscle in their bodies are screaming and yet they keep going back and pushing themselves to build that endurance. Each moment you are making a choice you must use the same kind of discipline. Yes, because you are making a choice that will either support the victim mode that is supported by the main populace or you will separate yourself from the illusion of this planet and stand in the Universal Truth, you are your divine God… yes, the very essence that makes you the individual you are is from the depths of your being and to have true happiness and joy you must take the accountability that all that happens to you is because of each and every choice you make.

So do not make them lightly, learn to prepare for your future. When certain thoughts float through your mind look at them, decide what you are going to do, how do you feel about your choices on those thoughts? Be honest about how you feel about those thoughts. Do you like or dislike the thought? Only choose because it supports the all of your divineness. Do not play with people that do not support your internal growth and knowing. Do not put yourself in situations that do not support your internal growth and knowing. It is your soul you are putting on the line… no one else’s……. remember that as you make your choices for today.





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