A Mirrored Effect

Cool-effect-with-a-mirrorI can not stress enough how important it is to learn how to communicate with yourself. If you feel that people are always talking at you and you are never being heard, guess what… you are really trying to get yourself to hear your very own heart.

Another concept that seems to be hard to remember is that within you is a complete Universe and without as you stand looking out into the night sky you may not always see all the planets and the stars, all the other Universes out there but that does not mean that they are not there.

Creation is in a continuous motion. So your internal Universe is as well in a continuous motion. It creates off of the feelings that you are holding near and dear to you within your heart. So what you see and experience is directly affected by how your heart is feeling. That is why two people can be sharing the very same experience and yet can be at opposite ends of the heart spectrum. How can that truly be?

Well when you look at your life and you consider that the Universe reads your feelings and needs which when sent out into this world changes… first it is your feelings, then as it floats away from you it reaches out and becomes color, and color changes into sound, and sound changes into vibration, and that is what the Universe recognizes, the vibration, then the Universe brings together without judgment of any kind but simply by how it vibrates it then sends it back to the source of the vibration then as it is coming back to you matter is attached like a huge magnet… it is this matter that is now drawn to the vibration and as it travels back to you it draws like vibrations. These like vibrations are the people and the experiences that you are now living.

So it becomes a mirrored effect. What you are experiencing is the vibration of your inner heart. So then if you are not happy with how your life is going you have a place to go. You go to the thoughts that you are having that counter the desire of your heart. You would not believe how often just one tiny belief or opinion that you might have had long ago but not looked at and evaluated can affect how the vibration of your needs goes out to the Universe.

An example – like when you were a little person you had a certain idea about people who lived in big fancy houses due to an interaction with someone who maybe was not nice to you. So now life has gone on you have not thought about that experience ever again and today you want to have a big glorious house. Because you have not looked and worked through this little persons idea about people in big houses and how you are not that kind of person, you have what I call undercurrents and that undercurrent is the size of a mustard seed. Now… if you do not know how large that is look online and you will see that it is so tiny and yet that tiny vibration can change the look of what your heart desire is being seen by the Universe and so your match comes back the way you are living.

Now do you see what is getting in your way? Always remember what is going on within your heart is what you are truly experiencing in your daily life….. take the time then to evaluate your thoughts, your hearts desire, and how those things differ from what you are living.





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