A Master at the Art of Deception

journalingThe art of communication to Self, wow this is the most wonderful and you would think easy thing to do but I am here writing about this subject because you have become a master at the art of deception.

First let’s practice asking yourself questions. You always want to start with having a question of the day. Go for one thing that you want to learn about yourself so that you can have the changes that will make your life the happiest.

Now you want to go about finding your answer by watching yourself. This is why I promote journaling – it gives you an avenue in seeing your patterns that you are repeating, maybe on an unconsciousness level, maybe not, but you have to be able to see the choices that you are making that are creating the expression that you are now having in your everyday life.

When you begin to see what your thought patterns are and the choices you are repeatedly making instead of maybe only once, you can start to see where you must begin to make the change in your life. Now this is where you will get in your own way. This is where you will say “no” so many times that you will stop yourself in your tracks. This is where any choice seems so scary and you fear even contemplating the step it is going to take to make the communication to yourself be the Truth… the Universal Truth… of all the things you may be trying to do for yourself.

A Question of the day will help you keep on track, it will help you see that you are the one needing the change. It will be what keeps your eye on the prize. What is the prize? Your prize is peace, happiness, and your needs being met. It comes through your questions in earnest giving yourself the answers that are in the Truth and not swayed by your thought-feelings for the people around you. It will show you how to take the step that is needed today to give you peace. And in communicating that you only needed one step today, will give you the peace of mind that taking a new step ever before taken will now lead you onto a new path of Truth and True Understanding of why you made the choices to not allow your own peace and happiness.

Yes , it is you and only you that will allow the change in your life, the change that you are saying you need. Remember it is in your heart , you are the one who has been asking, praying, begging for change. It is you and only you that through the wrong kind of communication have stopped yourself dead in your tracks.


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