A knowing is an internal message

gut instinctWhen I share with people that they KNOW their knowings, I get a lot of resistance from them. People claim they don’t know how to discern a ‘knowing’. So I will spend a little time here and detail for you what is a knowing.

A knowing is an internal message. So, say you are pouring a cup of coffee and while you are stirring in the cream you get this idea or insight about a something. It came and just flowed through your thoughts and you could feel it right down into your heart. You knew for sure, you understood, and it felt good that you had gotten the information. You had no doubts, it was you by yourself. No one coaxed you or drilled you, you were by yourself.

It can be any type of information. For some it can be the knowing that a relationship is ending and it is the right thing. For some it can be a huge life change in a career or it can be a direction for interpersonal knowledge that you had been craving to understand. Those are just a few ideas of what a knowing can be about.

Now some of you will take the knowing and really absorb the information. You will look at it right then and there and you will allow yourself to know you have now to make a decision. The decision to believe that this knowing came from you… to you… and it shall set you free of whatever your current quandary was. Or you may decide that you are not ready to take the steps for yourself. Either way is your choice, but then you, as a person of self responsibility, the next time the issue of stress or strain comes up for you, you will pull up your bootstraps and remind yourself, yes I knew I could of made a positive change but I choose to ignore my knowing. That is where most of you try to lie to yourselves. Yes, it is!

How often do you know something about a gathering or about an interaction that you went to, or a thing you did anyway, but then wanted to hold someone else responsible for the outcome you already knew was going to happen? Yes, see I was right… you do and did know.

The problem simply was you did not take the time when you received your knowing to make the decision about the knowing. Yes, that is it, you simply did not make a decision about the knowing. Then when you made choices you made them without the gauge of asking yourself, is this choice supporting my decision? or is it supporting the old thought patterns that I have said I no longer desire to experience? So when you go back to use the tools of evaluating your physical experience you are going to feel lost. Where do I begin? What is a knowing? How do I know it is my knowing and not someone else trying to get me to do what they want me to do? You really just compartmentalize your knowings just like you do to all your emotion as well. So who knows where it got stored, because those little doors have more to do with where there is room vs with a correlating story or experience.

So now take the time to study when you had a knowing that you actually acknowledged. Where you did not have to have anyone else tell you it was going to happen, you just knew. Break down for yourself how you know it was your knowing? What did you do with your knowing? Did you acknowledge it or did you just let it go by the wayside? Once you begin allowing that yes indeed you have had knowings, and yes indeed you have the physical proof, you can then begin to decide if you are going to use your personal knowings to be a benefit to you or a detriment. Yes, again, you have to make a decision, are you going to accept the knowing and only then once you have made your decision will then begin to see how your choices will either walk you into peace with your decision about your knowing or your choice will walk you farther away from the decision you made about your knowing. Once you get this, your life will begin to flow within a very peaceful and cope-able existence.


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