A Child’s Heart Desires

childhood-dreamsWhen you have come to a place where you are starting to have an understanding of how to communicate with self, you now realize that the one piece that was missing was how to ask yourself questions that get you below the surface of the art of talking.

You have spent your life talking, sharing, and not being heard. Now you are learning you will not be heard until you truly start communicating with yourself. So the first place you start is go back, go back as far as you can remember… start looking at how you were as a small child, what were your hearts desires? Now know that you will no longer desire that favorite toy yet what does that toy represent to you in your life today?

As you go back look at things like… did you love to ride a bike, feeling the air blow through your hair? Did you like to sing and or dance or both? Were you an artist? Were you a reader? Begin to log for yourself the things that made you you when you were little… When your spirit was flowing strong within your conscious daily life.

As you were walking forward with each day you were being taught by beings who had so totally forgotten that they themselves were part of the divine Universe. So they took you away as well. With each time you tried to walk your heart you were told in some way or another to not follow your heart you were told they knew best for you . Very few Parents have really taught their Children to question and balance for themselves what their actions have done .

You were subjected to anger and lectures and through that all you tuned them out but in so doing you tuned yourself out as well. Your rote answer was, “I don’t know” even though you knew, you would not share because if you told the truth there would be a greater punishment involved. That is the real reason anyone says I don’t know. It has a greater affect on your ability to question yourself though . So now you are going to have to use great diligence in breaking down the barriers that you yourself created to protect you from being attacked by those adults around you that tried to create you into their mini me.

So the art of communication is now where you start to learn to talk to yourself in the truth. In the beginning telling yourself will be the hardest part for you. You have lied to yourself about how you really feel for so very long that you really have only been ‘talking’ to yourself. When you start hearing your true words about your life and the stories you call your life, you will see how people will take notice, how they will as well want to hear you as you are unraveling your talking in the truth, the love of your self and how you are becoming so happy and in love with your life and the life around you .





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