Stand Up for Your New Walk

stand-upWhen you are learning to stand up for the new walk that you are taking what do you do when you find that those around you are now using your vulnerability as you learn to share the deeper parts of who you are?

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When Stories Get Triggered

surpriseHow do you ask a question of someone else when the subject is very near and dear to you? I am talking about those questions that affect how your little girl or boy get triggered and want to make you scream and yell and even at times cry. Well I hope you know me well enough by now that of course I am going to go into the spiritual side of this question.

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Choosing for SELF!

walkinglabyrinthOkay, you have just made some choices and you were in the mindsetĀ of ‘I am going to teach this person finally how to really communicate with me.’ You are in such excitement you do not think about anything except the joy that this one person that you have chosen must see you for who you are. You are so excited that you can hardly contain yourself. You have done it, you have learned how to stand in your boundaries with this person you have deemed as the one that can validate you and when they see the light of your font of wisdom you will know you have finally made your mark. Continue reading