Why Truly Generous People Walk For Truth

cup-runneth-overThis walk for truth will take you higher, higher than you have ever felt. Yes, the joy will swell in your heart, you will feel like walking on water, or skipping down the sidewalk. Yes, it takes you higher than you have ever been able to feel by pretending that you are a lonely person all alone on this planet called Earth.

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You… Me… Us

You Me UsLet me explain what I mean by the phrase ‘Self Is Necessary’. A while back I was sharing, with a friend, my dislike for going out and doing things by myself. My friend seemed somewhat shocked. It turns out this friend misunderstood my program and courses on Self is Necessary, as I heard them say that I should be able to do everything by myself, being as I am the Queen of ‘Self is Necessary’.

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Peace and Joy NOW!

187195_1124443519_8049177_nWhen one desires to walk the path of Universal Truth, what does that mean? How does one walk peacefully, joyfully, amongst those here on this beloved Earth when so many are in turmoil, where there is poverty and unrest everywhere?

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The Free Will Planet Earth – where are we headed?

What can we look forward to? We have heard so much about the new millennium, about the ending of the Mayan calender, etc., yet we went through the new century just fine, as well as the Mayan calender, even the prophecies of old. We wake up each morning with our bills still needing to be paid, the same issues about our family, our health, our jobs (or lack thereof), our love life, etc. Yet so many people are talking about this ‘new age’. So today I would like to share a little history with you. Tplanet-earthhen a little bit of what I call forecasting. I generally do not forecast simply because we humans are so powerful that the moment we get information, depending on where we sit — in positive expectancy or that the world is doomed —  will affect what a forecast will show. Anyway, this planet is very unique in the fact that it is one of the few planes of existence that has the concept of free will on it. Now, free will is not what you would think it to be. Free will is the veil that we place over our conscious mind as we are born. It allows us to believe we are not of the Divine God Source. You see we wanted a way to really feel our lessons. In the 5th dimension, or heaven, all is simply all, so you can absorb ideals and learning’s, but you need to find them, accept them, and walk them with the veil to have them be a notch in your belt, or as it is known in the 5th dimension, your color bands. The color bands are what hold all your vibrational learning’s. So, what the light workers have been doing since the last Golden age was preparing the planet and the vibrational rate to hold within our planet earth so that we as a whole group, not just the chosen few, not those that have certain learning’s, but all of us, (for we all come from the same place), can ascend to the next level of experiencing. To once again have our daily needs met without cost to each and everyone of us. We have been working so that this plane once again becomes the learning temple it was always intended to be. We will see wonders only spoken about by great philosophers of our pasts, we will see in the next year that our own bodies will be getting stronger. Those among us that resist the truth will leave our beautiful planet. So all of us will see many friends and family leave. They are simply doing a ‘do over’ as I call it. They need the vibrational shift in the DNA so they will simply return again. There will be many secret teachings that have been hidden on Earth, found and given back to all of us. In these secrets the technology of our past will become our everyday experience. We will be able to once again learn to have fun, love and play here without the worry about how to stay warm, have food, and take care of those worries most of us have carried far to long. This earth, with all of it’s bounty, will once again become our birthright! P.S. I am back in the Western WI/Twin Cities MN area and would love to get together with you and a few of your friends if you’re in the area. If you might be interested in hosting a small gathering in your home let’s schedule it ASAP. More info HERE I also offer personal One on One sessions. These are hour long private sessions in which you privately meet with me by phone to ask questions, gain clarity and receive guidance. It’s like your very own ‘personal teleseminar’! You can use your session to receive guidance and teaching on anything you desire. The sessions are accessible in person or through Skype. For more info and to reserve your private One on One Session with me, go to: Schedule a Session with Delrae

My Purpose in Life is Joy

joy-with-whiteI have often contemplated upon why our religious teachings began to take us away from the truth. It did not seem fair to me that the truth was not at our disposal. That the truth of how to love, how to fill our daily needs, how to grow in spirit, how those simple God given rights were very quietly taken away from us.

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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

looking-for-loveI have been spending a lot of time working with people to show them that if they simply fill the needs that are in their hearts, that the feeling that they carry within themselves is the gift that they will share with others in their lives.

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