How do we begin to use our choices in the moment they are needed.

When I talk about choices, I am talking about learning to take charge of your life. To learn that when you make a choice in a conscious way in the moment that you are standing in, your results will be better. You have all the tools and information right at your fingertips to know that it is the right thing for you .

It is really just setting yourself up if you try and predetermine how you are going to respond to any situation that you might encounter. Continue reading

“Choices” – why should we look at our past choices?

When you begin to look at your life and you have decided that you truly desire change, then it is time for you to look at your previous choices. In looking at your choices you begin to see how the they began to make a pattern in your life that you got so used to living you lost sight of the power that a choice you make gives you. Continue reading

Freedom of choice – without judgement but with evaluation.

Today I am thinking about how to explain the wonders of evaluation vs judgement. When we look at the choices we are about to make… or the ones we have made in the past… we must learn to understand that our patterns, those thoughts and actions (and choices) that we repeat time and time again, are not serving us.

You know what I’m talking about…the patterns that get us so upset because we are continually having things happen that we simply do not have a need any longer to experience. Continue reading

What is a choice?

You would think that making choices in our daily life would be something we are conscious of doing. Yet, as I speak with people, I realize they are not even aware that they are making choices  to wake up happy or sad. What they are choosing to eat. The choice of whether to eat or not eat. To get dressed or not get dressed.

If we go about our day without being aware of choices that we are making, how then do we begin to make choices to change the things in our lives we are not happy with? One day we wake up and the burdens we carry just do not allow us to stand up. Continue reading