Keeping the Mountaintop in our hearts.

Going to the mountaintop, what does that term mean? I hear it used frequently. To me going to the mountaintop is a sort of cop out. When one goes to the mountaintop one should be able to learn to bring back all that is obtained and incorporate it within their daily lives. To bring the peace and harmony, the tranquility that we have found and place it within our hearts.

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What is the #1 lie we tell ourselves?

When we are working on changing ourselves so that we can truly be happy, we must begin by looking at ourselves and where we sit in our opinions and beliefs. Before we go anywhere else we must look at the truth of the beliefs and opinions we currently hold.

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How to be in love with You.

One of the most asked questions of my clients to me is, “How does one love self?” The first time I heard this I thought to myself, how does one answer that question with one answer? This is the very reason I started The Life Learning Center of Self. Because one does not answer this with one answer. Continue reading