The harm in instant gratification!

The harm of desiring instant gratification is we get frustrated and have a tendency to stop all forward movement in our efforts of self discovery. When we choose the course of having all things come when we are not ready, it causes a deep frustration and leads us to depression and deep sadness. Your internal voice cannot be heard in those depths of disparagement.

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Self gratification takes others to feel FOR you, Filling Your Needs is an Internal Process.

Self gratification is different from filling your own needs. The first has an outcome that depends on others to have it done for you, where truly filling your needs is an internal process first; Which then allows the internal guidance to lead us to take the steps which will have the fulfillment of our need created. It is done in such a way that each of us knows just how we had our needs fulfillment brought to us… for us… by us.

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To understand we do have the power to change everything in our lives.

When we come to a place where we desire to begin in a new place, how do we go about using the proper tools that will change our lives? How do we learn the truth about how we became who we are and let go of what we used to use as our identity of self? I think these questions are the ones most asked of me. Not right away of course, because when someone comes to me they are at the end of their hopes.

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I found the mind chatter

So, I found that to have chatter going on in my mind was always getting in the way. I could not keep my quiet thoughts, the ones that brought me peace, to stay… to comfort me. So I was always feeling scared, full of unrest, worrying about things that I could not change. It made me irritable and crabby and of course I could not take the blame, so as most, I would be mad and unhappy with the wrong people .

How could I find peace and tranquility within my world when I was looking outside my inner world for an answer?

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Change, Why Are We Afraid to Change Ourselves

I think that some of the hardest things about changing ones self is when we are challenged by our closest friends and family. It always seems hard when they think we are bluffing and we walk quietly through their bluff and then have circumstances that could change their lives begin to happen.

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The Still Small Voice vs. Mind Chatter

Mind chatter, have you ever sat and thought about what that is? Has it ever been so loud that you can hear your thoughts?

I have spent a lot of time myself learning to meditate to get rid of mind chatter. It was the hardest thing for me to learn to do. Meditate that is, I had so many barriers set up. The first of many was the idea that I can not take the time to meditate, too many things I have to do. Continue reading