What brings happiness to me?

To stand strong within ourselves, to learn that all things are lessons, to know that judgment is only something that is here… not a part of the Universal truth. How do I know these things? It becomes apparent when you go within yourself and ask ,”How does this work?, What really is the truth about our world?” When a person really goes within themselves and begins to really want change… change comes.

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The internal chatter we do not even hear.

I have spent lots of hours trying to work with my clients and students about mind chatter. This is probably the most sabotaging work we can do against ourselves. Another way of saying mind chatter is self-destruction. Because of how we hear ourselves talk, we also feel others are saying those same kinds of words. It is really eye-opening as I am listening to a conversation and when hearing each person talk about the conversation they are talking as if two different conversations were going on at the same time.

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Be willing to open your heart once again to love

Once I began to realize that I made the hole that my heart fell into; that pain so deep I could not breathe was of my own making, I had to take a deep breath and feel the hurt. I had to be willing to talk about that hurt. I had to be willing to open my heart once again to love. To a love that was just for me. Did I fall down? Yes, I did several times. Yet, I never gave up on myself again. I did get mad at myself for falling down. Continue reading

Our Choices and Mind Chatter.

As we begin to see that so many of our choices are made under duress, it seems a daunting chore to find ourselves. We have convinced ourselves that there are so many reasons why we should not make choices for ourselves alone. So many that I would like you to send me several of your reasons and I will show you how you got there and some of the things you can do to get back to the real happy you!

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Did we really make the hole that we are now lost in?

What do we do when we find ourselves in a place that feels like we will never, ever be able to get out? When every breath that we take feels like it will be our last? When we go to bed and we cannot sleep because we can’t stop thinking about the thing that has us trapped in this hole we call our life? How can we get ourselves out of the hole?

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Finding and Holding the truth of a story, your story.

When we begin to look for the story that we have been telling, one of the things that I personally learned to do, even if I did not like the beginning of the feeling for myself, is to  find a group of people who I could trust. Trust because you will need them to have the strength to challenge you in a way that allows you to break through the hurt emotions that have become the very fabric of your story.

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Find your truth then change your stories

So how do we come to grips with the fact that if we have not been telling the truth about our stories then our lives have been built on an untruth? How do we straighten out our lives?

This is a question I have spent much time on. By the time most people come to this question in their lives all holy heck is breaking loose in it. So what do we do?

I would begin with first by asking you to try understanding and feeling truly who and why you are you.

I always suggest to my students and clients that first and foremost you must come to know SELF.

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Our Story – is it truth or fiction.

Now we are working on being in balance, yet we are seeing that we have created a lot of turmoil in our lives as well as in others lives. We are beginning to understand that to stand in the truth does not always mean what we have been using as a story in our truth.

I have spent much time looking at what I call stories of my life. I have listened to others as they tell the stories that we have experienced together. I have come to an understanding that the truth may have nothing to do with what is happening. Continue reading