Do you really want to go on with your life without you?

Well, after my last few posts I hope you are seeing that this is really the root of all the mind chatter that is holding us hostage to the old way of thinking. Once you begin to get an understanding about all the hidden facets of mind chatter, you will begin to see that it is simple enough to get rid of it. I said simple, not that it was easy.

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Attachment and mind chatter – united in trying to defeat us?

Okay, so I hear this uproar about detachment. Giving up on family and friends? Doing only for self?, this is against all that you have been taught. Well yes it is, unless you had a Guardian or Guardians who taught you otherwise. Most likely the only thing you have been taught was how to try to control each and every scenario in your world.

Have you been told you are bossy and always think you are right all the time? That you can not be trusted? Or is it the other way around… where you give so much of you and there is not one person that gives to you? Either way it is still out of control because: Continue reading

Detaching from Mind Chatter – do you have the courage to do so????

Now I have begun to understand that there are many threads that hold this mind chatter intact. It takes dedication and discipline to finally overcome what generations of parenting has done to all of us. As you begin to understand one line of the threading that has your mind binding itself up, then two or three more concepts creep out as we begin to untangle. So, you can see how difficult it can be when we finally do want to take charge of ourselves. Not to mention the rest of the world still wanting to see you in a way that tries to bind you .

So why does it feel like we have to give everything up? Why does it feel like all the things we are claiming we want most, we have to let go of? Well, because all of those things must be let go of so we can see how we have attached ourselves to them. Continue reading

What webs we weave. Only one thread? mind chatter

I am beginning to understand that mind chatter has a lot of strings attached to it. I have found that it is the voices of my mothers, grandmothers, church elders, teachers, and anyone else that Parented me through their filter system. Those people who do not understand that we have a God guidance system, each and every one of us. We just have to be taught how to allow the internal voice to be the loudest. Why would not those that love and care for us want us to learn and use that system? Continue reading

Can you recognize the mind chatter?

As I began to see that all the chattering that was going on in my head was taking a lot of my time and space I realized it also stopped me from making a lot of choices quickly. Instead of listening to my internal voice, I would get caught listening to the chatter that seemed to be always counter to what I was feeling was my need. I really started to put the chatter into categories so I could see when the chatter really would interfere with my process of making choices. Continue reading

My beginning steps to conquer mind chatter

Would it not be nice to have a mind, body and soul that was in harmony and true peace? Even though we are having a valid, prosperous life… not hiding or living where we have no contrast at all to our thoughts and ideas? Do you want to thrive and be happy? Well, then one of the things we must learn to get rid of is the excess mind chatter that always gets in our way of making a fast and decisive choice! A choice made without second guessing ourselves, which is what creates the havoc in our lives. Continue reading

It begins with a state of mind

How do we take charge of our lives and see the mind chatter for what it is?

For me it was when my life seemed to be falling apart and yet, I could see that there should be no reason for it. When my internal peace did not match what I was seeing with my physical eyes.

As I began to read and study about the metaphysical world I could see that you could have and should have beauty and peace in your every day world. I was seeing that it began with my state of mind. I repeat, it begins with a state of mind!

That is how we begin to digest, and feel. It is also where we get lost into the emotion of things and never get past that part in our lives. I have found that there is a sequence, a mathematical equation that is followed to have harmony and peace. Yet, we never follow the sequence through to the end to see if we like what we have started. We were never taught that there has to be a conclusion of our lesson. Without that we do not know where to make the next choice. Now I am sure you are asking what does this have to do with mind chatter? Continue reading

Learning to love self

The more I began to realize that my mind chatter was all the voices that pushed me past my own boundaries as I was growing up, the more I began to see that there was and is a way of unraveling and truly quieting the chatter . There comes a time when the mind chatter fades away all together; Where the only voice you will hear is the one that is the true voice of your internal God essence.

How did I find this out? Well, I cannot say that it is easy, unless you are ready to change. Once that is the walk that a person is taking , you really do learn to hold yourself accountable in a way that always puts you first in any scenario. Some people call this selfish. I have always called it, Self  is necessary. I say this over and over to my clients and students . For without you what is there? Continue reading

beginning to understand mind chatter effects…

As I was beginning to see that all that chatter that was going on while I was trying to learn to meditate was getting in my way and frustrating me, it came to me that maybe that mind chatter was also getting in my way of  peace and harmony.

As I began to journal and keep track of just what moods I would have due to what kind of mind chatter was going on, I began to see a correlation between the tone of the chatter and my moods. Continue reading