You can only cheat on yourself

Cheating on one’s self. Let me see. This has been a long time coming. I have spent much time contemplating what this means. I have come to the conclusion that we cannot cheat on each other in our relationships. We can only cheat on ourselves. Why did I come to this conclusion? Well, this is why.

When we stand in truth with ourselves we would not be making most of the choices we are for the reason’s we tell everyone we are. In other words, when we decide to get involved with another man or woman do we do it as a whole and complete person or are we looking for someone that will complete us? That’s the message many of us have received yet that idea, the idea that we need someone to ‘complete’ us and the actions taken in that vein set us up royally . Continue reading

What is Communication?

What is communication? I have looked at this concept for some time. I think most would say that it’s easy when we talk to each other. I have found that not to be the case. I have found that there are many ways in which we can communicate to one another. I have also found that talking to someone does not guarantee that any form of communication is actually going on.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that just because we think we are talking directly to someone does not mean that even if it seems you have their full attention that you do. Continue reading

Peace is Possible

I have been sitting here contemplating what it means to have a new awareness come to me. I know as I get close to a new insight that is going to change my whole outlook on life I can feel wonderment and an excitement begin to fill my whole body. It is as if I was a radio and finally the tuning knob is so very close to the right spot. I have a lightness to my mind and the thoughts that are coming to me.

The past enlightenments  have shown me that my life is changing and for the better. That opinions that I have held in the past no longer hold me hostage from what the Universal truth is about. I have studied the works of sages before me. I see that my walk is one that has  been walked before, even though there are many times that I feel very alone. For when I speak it is as if I am speaking a language not of this earth. Continue reading

Golddiggers, Women are we? Guys what do you say?

I hope this post gets people to really give me some feedback. This is a question that has been on my mind. I had a conversation with some gentlemen. They were very mad at the way women of today treat them. At first I was just listening to them. They did not have very nice things to say about the dating women of the world. I really thought it was just guys talking but… Continue reading

Mind chatter or Internal dialog

Have you ever known anyone that seems to be able to juggle 10 things at once? Stays calm, collected and cool? Has all the time in the world for you when you pop in and say hello yet, has so many things going on? Not a hair out-of-place. Always is happy with whatever is going on. Do you know any one like that?

I would be willing to bet this person has done loads of internal dialoging. The internal dialoging lets us know exactly how we feel about anything that is going on in our lives. We have really nothing that comes at us out of the blue. Continue reading

What shall we do for now?

I am sure, like myself, you have found yourself wondering, ‘why is my life feeling like it is in a holding pattern?’ Well, if you are in this holding pattern may I suggest you take a deep breath, for in the next second you could find yourself spiraling out into outer space.

Yes, I do mean take a deep breath. Yes I do mean that when we do not take the time to look at our lives and become intimate with them we can find ourselves on the side of a road in the ditch and not know how the heck we got there.  Continue reading

How do we get along with ourselves?

I am asking myself this question because so much of the time we spend looking outside of ourselves claiming that we get along with others. Yet at the same time we are telling our friends, “If this person would just be like this or if he would just change this way, life would be so much easier. Life would be so grand if she was the understanding type.”

That takes us so far away from the truth of why we are  feeling the way we are. Continue reading

The idle chatter within ones brain.

The more I work with my students the more I realize that the greater the stress or struggle one is going through the less they can hear the very things that would bring them peace. True peace that would bring them the life they are asking for. How do I know this? Well let me try to explain what mind chatter is.  Continue reading

Check In With Your Feelings

Let’s remember that we have a feeling first and then it is followed by a thought.

It is up to us to decide if we are going to acknowledge the feeling and then what are we going to do with the information. Yes… each and every moment you are deciding on what to do with your life. Many times, as we are getting our information, we are denying it and throwing it out without even contemplating on why this information is coming to us at all. Continue reading