A Feeling Then A Thought

When I sit here to start writing about this I get such a feeling of “Wow, this is what started to change my life!” At the time could I have said what I was doing was expanding my life? I do not think so.

When I look back now though I sure can feel that is the very space that started me feeling and understanding the truth. Continue reading

Expanding Beliefs

In my last post I was talking about detaching from another persons frame of reference as well as our own. Let’s explore further…

It is possible to be very happy with the world around you no matter what the life experience is with the people that you share your life with. Yes, it is!

Once again, the first place you want to begin is in the understanding of detachment. It does not mean going far, far away in your mind. It does not mean you are sharing a house with someone but not having a very fulfilling life with that person. Continue reading

It’s Not About What THEY Do

The thing that I have found the hardest to understand about detachment was that I had to  let go of what the other person was doing. That is what was hurting me the most. Why can they not just see that it is their action that is the most offensive.

I spent much time trying to gain this understanding. Now to some this may be so simple. For me it was hard to grasp the concept: Do not throw away the person… Just learn to understand they are not doing any thing to you. Continue reading

The Process That Sets You Free

What is detachment? We must begin by looking at all of our experiences as sent out by a vibration we are sitting in.

We recognize a vibration by looking with our eyes and heart. By being really honest with how we like or do not like the experiences we are having.

It is right here that we have become really good at lying to ourselves. Yes, we lie to ourselves so very often. Continue reading

Authentic Listening

We are learning about being a guardian for ourselves. You would think that would be such a simple task for oneself. Yet how often do we really take the time to question ourselves about the choices we are making in each and every now?

When I am working with a new student or client the most interesting thing is to listen to how they have their self-talk. We, as a whole, are quite mean to ourselves. If ever there is a critic about who and what we are it is our very own voice. Yet I have seen that we became mimics of those voices we swore we did not want to sound like or even become. Continue reading

Being a True Guardian

As small children we made choices to do things.

Depending on the reaction of those around us we chose if we were going to do it again.

Then there are those well-meaning parents that can not see that a small Being can and has made a life choice for themselves.

They begin to try and sway the small child to their way of thinking. That forces the small child, the young Being, to walk away from the truth that the child is still very much in contact with. Young children have not been away from the Universal Source as long as the well-meaning parent.

Continue reading

Why Resist the truth?

Why would we not want to tell ourselves the truth? I think we would all most emphatically  say, “Of course we want the truth!” Yet I have seen time and time again, when given a choice in the beginning of the introduction of self accountability and responsibility, we choose to believe in the lie; the story that we have told ourselves about our life. Wow! This blew me away when I first started teaching!

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Chaos and Tranquility can they coexist?

This is an idea that for many years I have been studying. It has been a goal of mine to walk in true peace through all events in my life. I have had my ups and downs in this process.

I can now say that it is very possible to have tranquility within your being no matter what is happening in your outside world. The trick is….. Continue reading