Is It Time To Change Your Story?

In my last blog post I was at a point of talking about giving up our beliefs and opinions. I am going to take a few moments and give a little back ground here about what I mean.

A ‘story’ is how we describe our life up to this point in time. It is what we have built our beliefs on and how we began to form our opinions.  This story is what we have written about, why we walked over our own boundaries so many years ago. Continue reading

Gold Stars Misplaced

As I have already stated we must learn how to be our own guardian.

We must learn to question ourselves in a way that sets us free and apart from our old beliefs and opinions that are of the physical world.

We must learn the differences about having expectations about any given life scenario. We have to give up on the idea that someone else makes us have feelings good or bad. We have to give up the idea that there is a good or a bad. We have to learn how to be accountable to ourselves without guilt and or obligation to ourselves or others.

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