Mourning for your inner self

As you begin to hear who you are, you can begin to feel the reason that you are experiencing the things you are in the physical sense.

As I have spoken before, there is a time that you will have to mourn for your inner self. We then must begin to look at the following –

Do we have the courage to begin standing in peace and love for ourselves? What does standing in Peace and Love for ourselves really mean?

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When a Friend decides to leave our life what then

When you think you are going along fine and then you hear from a friend that they no longer want to participate with you what do you do?

Do you give them the respect of ok, you have that right, and go on.

Do you bother them further for an explanation?

What is the method that we should walk through so our heart does not hurt any more because of the empty feeling that seems to be left there in  our heart? Continue reading

Dreams – do we use them to their fullest intent

When I first started many, many years ago now, I started working with dreams and I interpreted them for people.

There are Universal symbols and those that Doctors and psychologists use and I am not going to get into that sort of thing. What I am going to get into is that you should begin your own dictionary of symbols. Why? Well, because there are so many interpretations out there. Continue reading

How to learn from a group of life experiences

I have been working extensively on how to look at our life experiences and learn from them. I mean learn how to walk the path of truth without resistance, free of worry and pain. You do not believe that is possible. Hmmm… well I can see that is one of the reasons you have the life experiences you do then. Why? Well… Continue reading

How do we read our life experiences?

I have been noticing  my students not seeing how to tie their life experience with what they are trying to learn about themselves. They are using just one experience instead of seeing that the last couple of weeks ties in all of their questions. Why do I say their experiences have anything to do with their life lessons? Continue reading