I think there may be a secret. What would it be.

We hear all of these things that can change us overnight. Yet it seems that you never see a lot of the success stories walking around and cheering their instant change. So…  is there a fast and true way to find success in one’s life? One where you really are happy, that sustains you in an enriching sort of way? Continue reading

Secret to being happy all the time.

Do we want to be happy all the time? I guess that would be the first question I would ask myself. What does it mean to be happy? I cannot go any farther until I know this answer. I, of course, have asked this question of myself many times. Mostly when I have had the most challenges. Because I have come to an understanding that what I am feeling today is what I do experience tomorrow. Continue reading

Dealing with stress, what does that mean?

I think this word stress is the most used in our vocabulary.  We throw it in without really looking at what the word means to us. Some days we have lots going on so we have this adrenaline pumping. We just have to learn that the adrenaline helps in our jobs when we need to focus on lots of things coming at us. Continue reading

working with grief

Grief – what should we do with it? Each and every one of us are going to one time or another have to experience this feeling. What is the best way to deal with it?

As our world is changing around us there seems to be more and more people that we know who seem to be crossing over to the fifth dimension… or what many term heaven. When you work closely with the fifth dimension you get used to that concept of death because you gain a different understanding of it. But that does not let you off the hook when it comes to experiencing grief. Continue reading

Which Feeling Do I Follow?

As I was working with my class last night we were talking about how do we truly recognize when we have gotten ourselves into a situation that we do not feel good about and how to get out of it.

What I mean is… We know what our feelings are telling us.

Sometimes that feeling is, “No way… we should not be here, we should not be doing this.” Now what? Then is when we must ask, “Was it my internal feelings that I trusted that got me in this mess?”

Continue reading

Holding On to the Real Me!

What do we do when we have lots of feedback from our loved ones telling us to STOP CHANGING?

This is a question that I have been forced to look at every time I begin to come to a new understanding for myself. It seems that those closest to me all want to come at me for different reasons. They panic, they want to know why I have to change. They claim things were good as they were. They whine about not being able to make me happy. They say, “I do all these things to change and you are just never happy!” Well I would like you to think about something please. Continue reading

Feelings – dealing with ours and others too?

I think dealing with feelings is a conversation that we have all looked at. Yet we seem to fail miserably at working this out.

If we stand up for our own feelings then we  worry about the other person. We have always been told we are to share, help, do unto others, etc. Yet I believe it is this very idea that gets so many of us lost. Continue reading

Recognizing Our Internal Truth.

I spend a lot of time with my students on finding and holding our/their own voice.

How do we really know what we are hearing is the truth for us? This is probably the hardest thing for us to become sure of. One of the reasons is we had parents raise us and not guardians. I will repeat this over and over again. Because we need to learn to become the guardian for self now. Continue reading

The secret to who you are.

As I began to study in the ‘new age’ section of the book store, I was amazed at all these inspirational books that were out there. I would read through them with a hunger for new knowledge. After each book I read I would be so disappointed. They were all saying the same thing. Yet not one of them told me how to find the secret. Continue reading