To Live Is To Learn

One of the greatest gifts that I have learned is that to experience life is to learn that you can do no wrong. You can decide if the choices that you’re making feel good; You can learn that you must take care of yourself first. You can learn, by taking care of yourself, that the good that comes into your life can spill over to the ones you love. Continue reading

Desire, Need – are they the same thing?

My students and I have been working on the terms DESIRE and NEED.¬† I often hear things like, “My desire is to have this in my Life. My needs are never being met.” So we have begun to spend time on studying these terms. You would think that this would be a simple concept to understand and then incorporate in one’s life. Yet weeks later, here we are still working on these terms and how they affect our lives intimately . Continue reading

what do we ask for when we need change?

What do we ask for when we need change? I think this is probably one of the most common questions we ask. We already know what we need! We need to ask ourselves why are we afraid to take the first small step so we can allow the change in our lives. Continue reading

Emerging as a New Person.

I have noticed with my students that they are really happy about becoming a new person when they first begin. Then there comes a time when they think they have to start giving up things. Then the emerging becomes one of the biggest struggles of their lives. How to overcome the fear and strife that comes with the misunderstanding of change in ones life. Continue reading

Listening to the group consciousness – vs – Internal consciousness

Why do we make choices that we know are not good for us when society says that is what we should do? This has always puzzled me. When I was younger and looking for help in my life choices, I would go out and search for the answers, the direction that I should take. Even as I heard the answers from others I knew when that was not the choice I should make. Continue reading

Death of a Friend… how in spirit do we walk this.

This issue is never addressed, yet each and every one of us have walked through this experience. It is never easy for any of us. As our hearts break for our loss of the loved one, the friend, the lover, the child, we must find within our own hearts how to stand up for the right to grieve.

Continue reading

Does the soul have a history?

Wonderful question for thought. Does our soul have it’s very own history? Well, just with my own knowing I would say it does. I have too many memories that would not have come from my life now. Which got me to contemplating the question… does this history affect our lives as we live them today? Continue reading

Walking today to change tomorrow

I have seen that one of the hardest concepts for my students and clients to grasp is how to walk today full of grace and knowledge and not have tomorrow be a disaster. This is what I have learned from my journey. I have learned that the very thoughts that hold you captive today lead to what you will  be physically experiencing tomorrow. Continue reading