Allowed to challenge ourselves

When I first found information of the nature that we do not die, that we are on a cycle of creations from different planes, that gave me peace. I had to walk a long time and experience many different concepts and ideas before I could come to a place where I could stand up for my peace of mind.

We must learn that we will find physical proof for whatever we believe in. That is exactly how this plane was created to function.

We have the abilities, all of us, to create any and every thing that we need to have for a physical experience to the fullest. Continue reading

begin the Universal walk of Truth

As I was speaking in a previous blog…  There is a Universal truth. It is a group of laws that surround all things and how they work in all of the planes that exist. As our science is making its headway into information that previously has not been available to us, we are seeing that many things that we did not know existed are now coming up to be facts. Continue reading

What is a belief-vs-a truth.

I think the first place I would like to start is that beliefs are the glue that hold our stories together and they are needed every step of the way.

The thing that should be addressed and looked at is like all things, our beliefs must change as we grow from a baby to a toddler, to an adolescent, the teens and young adults as well as we get to what people call old age. Continue reading

This Moments Truth…..

Until we learn the Universal Truths, and what that means, we must look at the fact that our truths change.

As we go out into the world, the work place, the places that we socialize, if we do not take into account that our beliefs are going to be challenged, and so they should, then we start blending and jumbling up our truths.

We begin not seeing what we should have let go of and what we should keep. Continue reading

Simple, Quiet, Truth: Ya Right!

Okay, I am sure there are a few out there who are having these very thoughts. So, I will address my thoughts on this.

The operative word here is Thoughts. Too many people believe that thoughts carry the day. You create nothing off a thought. Well, I take that back, you create fear.

You become depressed, you have stress in your lives. Because you let them go wandering around in your brain until you are ready to go crazy. Then when you cannot stand your thoughts any more you start blaming any and every thing around you, for the cause of all of your woes. Continue reading

Working with Our feelings

You would think, because we all have feelings, that we would all know how to work with them and not against them.

That is not what I have found out up to this date. I have found that most people can not recognize their feelings when I ask them the question, “What do you feel about this or that?”

It is the most basic thing that we have, yet so many people are not in touch with the most basic piece of themselves. Continue reading

Benefit or Detriment

In my last blog post I was talking about the fact that we have a feeling first and then it is followed by a thought. It is then up to us to decide if we are going to acknowledge the feeling and then what are we going to do with the information. Yes, each and every moment you are deciding on what to do with your life. Continue reading

Expanding on an Idea

When I sit here to start writing about this I get such a feeling of “Wow, this is what started to change my life!” At the time could I  have said what I was doing was expanding my life?

I do not think so. When I look back now though I sure can feel that is the very space that started me feeling and understanding the truth. Everyone has the source to do this for themselves. Continue reading

We can and do live different lives!

In my last blog I was talking about detaching from another persons frame of reference as well as our own. So, I would like to continue there. It is possible to be very happy with the world around you no matter what the life experience is with the people that you share your life with. Yes, it is! Continue reading

Detachment from ourselves

The thing that I have found the hardest to understand about detachment was that I had to  let go of what the other person was doing. That is what was hurting me the most. Why can they not just see that it is their action that is the most offensive. Continue reading