questions: Detachment? What!!!!

What is detachment? We must begin by looking at all of our experiences as sent out by a vibration we are sitting in.

We recognize a vibration by looking with our eyes and heart. By being really honest with how we like or do not like the experiences we are having. Continue reading

Questions we should ask ourselves

We are learning about being a guardian for ourselves. You would think that would be such a simple task for oneself. Yet, how often do we really take the time to question ourselves about the choices we are making in each and every now? Continue reading

Why we should be Guardians and not Parents

As small children we made choices to do things. Depending on the reaction of those around us, we chose if we were going to do it again.

Then there were those well-meaning parents that could not see that a small being could and had made a life choice for themselves. Continue reading

How we begin to set ourselves free

As I have already stated we must learn how to be our own guardian. We must learn to question our selves in a way that sets us free and apart from our old beliefs and opinions that are of the physical world. Continue reading

“Recognizing who we were”

As I have said before, it will take discipline in the beginning to stop ourselves from being in the blame game. My clients and students and I spend much time right here. I do not like going past this place and understanding until they have gotten familiar with this concept. Continue reading

To Begin to change!!!”Really”

Now we have to start looking at what a true feeling is. That will put us in a state of total UN-knowing. This is a place where many people do not give themselves the time to re-establish with themselves a true relationship with self. Continue reading

I am making my Life “what it is”

So, I was speaking about The Universal Law of Cause and Effect. I would like to put something in right here. We are getting feelings and thoughts mixed up.

We are trying to think ourselves into a feeling and we are getting back a whole lot of heartache. Continue reading