1,2,3 Choose… YOU!

Why do we have conflict with our choices about how we are going to live our lives? If you are in any way feeling unhappy about anything in your life at all you are in conflict with your choices. That is the problem right there.

You do not recognize that by not seeing that each and every choice you make compounds the choices that you made prior to the choice in this now. We so want to deflect from our hearts the emotions that make us sad, so we have a tendency to jump over those emotions and try to bury them deep down inside.

It does not eliminate the emotions or their effects on the vibrations that then are sent out from your heart. This is why you are repeating the life experiences. The hidden vibrations that you did not and are not dealing with are vibrating out from your heart anyway. The Universe matches our strongest vibrations. If you have those hidden vibrations radiating outward without your knowledge and then in your conscious now are sad, guess what vibration you are having come back for you to experience again and again?

That is correct… all your hidden emotions that you did not want to deal with. Now lets compound that with how many years you have not wanted to deal with something. Do you wonder why there are so many with drug addictions, alcohol, depression, nervous disorders of so many degree’s?

All because you decided to bury your hurt emotions. So, how do we begin to talk about them without creating from those emotional states of mind?

There is a sequence in creating; in that sequence there are places where you need to look at where the vibration is heading you. It is there that you should look with internal honesty and with truth for yourself only. It is there that you can make the choice to change the outcome or leave it, knowing exactly what that choice is going to mean to you once the experience comes about and you feel it again.

When you are in that spot of the sequence you must evaluate your feelings, your emotions , and then evaluate what it is going to mean to you. What are you giving up for yourself if you continue the way your going?

You can make the choice to continue the way you are, you have that right as a divine being on this earth. If you make the choice to continue as you are, you can no longer hold others accountable for your feelings and emotions. Why? Because you are making a conscious choice not to change anything. Then you can not expect anything in your life to change.

When you look at your stories, you must begin to tell them with no emotion, no anger, no sadness, no frustration. Doing so just perpetuates the original emotions so you are once again going to have the same outcome.

Look at the stories as a scientist, evaluate one of your specimens… what worked, what did not work. This is how you begin to take control of your life. Love yourself for the walk you have taken. Have the courage to make the changes in your life for you and only you.

That is totally against what you have been taught, they use the golden rule against you. Remember though the golden rule is: Do unto other’s as you would have them do unto you. Understand that you really come first, you must always come first, if there is no, “you” in this world then there would not be an issue of you coming first… correct?

It is not easy to learn that you should not be doing anything at all unless it makes “youhappy, once you are happy, your cup /heart will flow over in happiness. It is that flowing over that should be shared. It is not until your heart is full and stays full should you even be thinking about sharing with others.

You can not give of yourself, your things, until you feel you are safe and happy, then you can and do share of all you have that is extra and above what you need.

Have a joyous and happy day.

Delrae J Bantz

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